Grandmother of octuplets disapproves

WHITTIER, Calif. /*Angela Suleman*/ also said her daughter is not married, and all 14 of mother's children have been through /*in vitro fertilization*/.

On Monday, 33-year-old /*Nadya Suleman*/ gave birth to /*octuplets*/. She already had six children.

Family and friends say all Suleman ever wanted was to be a mother, so when she couldn't conceive on her own, she turned to fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization.

It is a choice that has caused her own mother intense stress.

Records obtained by /*ABC News*/ showed the grandmother of the octuplets Angela Suleman filed for bankruptcy last September, but she told the /*L.A. Times*/ she had withdrawn her filing and paid her debt.

In an interview with the /*Associated Press*/, Angela Suleman said her daughter didn't want to destroy the remaining embryos she had left, and said she was not supportive when her daughter decided to have them implanted last year.

According to the grandparents, Nadya Suleman was just hoping for one more girl.

"She did not seek to have more children. She thought she was going to have one more child," said Ed Suleman, grandfather of the octuplets.

Until last spring, the single mother was a student at /*Cal State Fullerton*/, pursuing a master's degree in counseling. She holds a bachelor's degree in child and adolescent development.

As family and friends send well wishes, the suddenly expanding family struggles with the future.

Angela Suleman told the AP that she told her daughter that when she returns from the hospital, she isn't going to be there.

Angela Suleman said all of the children have come from the same sperm donor. The fertility doctor has not been identified.

Hidden under beach blankets, three of Nadya Suleman's older children left their grandparents' Whittier home on Saturday, the whole world watching as their mother and infant siblings recover in the hospital.



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