Publicist for octuplets' mom speaks out

BELLFLOWER, Calif. She has gotten so much attention from her hospital bed that she has hired a publicist to help her field all the offers pouring in.

Everybody wants to see and hear from mother /*Nadya Suleman*/, and she says that will happen, but on her terms.

Suleman hired a PR and marketing firm to help her figure out the terms.

For the last week, camera crews have watched her Whittier home, her parents and her six other children.

The /*Killeen Furtney Group*/ public relations firm in Brentwood said they have been flooded with requests from Europe, China and New Zealand. They've received packages and proposals for book deals, business ventures and TV shows.

Publicist Joann Killeen told Eyewitness News that the offers will be reviewed to see what angle interviews will take, how much privacy would be compromised and what questions would be asked.

Killeen denies that there's any discussion about money at this point.

"Honestly, I haven't opened up all the envelopes yet, so I don't know what all those offers are," she said. "So far the ones I've reviewed, there has been no offer for compensation."

There's plenty of curiosity about the octuplets and their mother, who conceived all 14 of her children through in vitro fertilization.

Suleman is not married, lives with her parents, and her publicist said she is very intelligent and articulate.

In the meantime, Kaiser doctors said the octuplets -- 6 boys and 2 girls -- are doing well on their one-week birthday and getting stronger.

Eyewitness News Reporters Miriam Hernandez and Subha Ravindhran contributed to this report.



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