Best foods and moves to burn fat

"My definition of a fat-burning food is a food that actually your body can put to use right away in your system," said Jackie Keller, Registered Dietician, /*NutriFit*/. "A food that converts quickly to energy ... that you can expend and not store."

Dietitian Jackie Keller knows which foods stoke our furnace and which foods are simply hype. Grapefruit, for example, does not burn fat.

"What grapefruit does is it has some wonderful phytochemicals that really sets your system up for a little faster rev," said Keller.

Yet coffee, green tea and peppers are all foods that offer nutrients that kick up your metabolism. If tolerated, caffeine found in coffee dials up the nervous system to get us moving faster; as do chemicals in green tea.

"There's a thermic effect in eating chilies. So it heats us up. And, when we're hotter, we burn at a quicker rate," said Keller.

However, the key is incorporating more than one fat burner.

"All of these things taken individually have a miniscule effect," said Keller. "But if you incorporate them all into your diet, then you can see some real benefit to it."

If you want to burn fat, Keller says include small but frequent meals that contain lean protein and calcium foods in your day.

When it comes to burning fat through fitness, Jon Jon Park from /*Legacy Gym*/ says you should get off the treadmill and pump some iron.

"Weight training builds muscle and muscle weighs four times as much as fat. So, it gets the metabolism going at a much faster rate," said Park.

He also favors interval training when doing /*cardio*/.

"That first of all burns more calories and it increases the fitness. It's not as monotonous," said Park.

A gym visit doesn't mean the rest of the day can be leisurely. One Study showed that on days test subjects worked out, they reduced activity by 22 percent, which is not helpful when the goal is to burn more. Little activities like fidgiting, standing and walking more can add up to an extra 350 calories a day.

"Keep your circulation going ... Keep burning the calories and you'll have a much better overall result," said Park.



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