Use the Web to get your diet on track

Health experts have long claimed the importance of keeping a food diary. Now there are Web sites to help you do it electronically. With the sites you can find out the exact calorie and nutrition profile of your meals. is one of a handful of sites that easily features diet analysis for $9 a month.

Everyone knows that taking a detailed grocery list to the store helps avoid tempting foods. is a free site that allows you to keep a running list that you can add to and save. Then print out to take with you or access it at the supermarket if you have a web-enabled phone. is a service that sends you texts, messages, or videos via e-mail to help you with weight and overall mental health. After a 10-day free trial, habit changer runs $15 a month.

And how about this for motivation? Send a photo of yourself to and in two days they'll show you what you'd look like if you were ten, twenty, up to eighty pounds thinner. The idea is to visualize where you are now and what you can look like if you stay on your program. Nutrition and fitness tips available as well. The site is absolutely free.

A text service helps keep you honest when you're dining out. Type in the word "food" along with what you want to eat, like pizza, along with these numbers: '432584.' Within minutes you'll get a message with the calorie count and a link to a Web site providing more nutrition information.



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