In '06, octuplets mom shared struggle

LOS ANGELES The octuplets' grandmother is speaking out on Monday, condemning her daughter's decision to bring eight more babies into the world.

When the eight newborns come home from the hospital, they'll share a three-bedroom house with their mother, grandparents and six siblings.

All 14 children were conceived thru in vitro fertilization, a choice the grandmother of the octuplets did not support.

Nadya Suleman says she used the West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills for all of her pregnancies.

The mother of the octuplets, who already has 6 children, tells NBC the same doctor helped her conceive all 14 children. She's not naming the doctor, but her mother Angela Suleman contradicts that account.

"Her dad and I were talking to the doctor, and he said, 'She's not married, she wants children, and she really does not have any means to support them.' So he did not implant any more embryos," she said.

In 2006, Eyewitness News interviewed Nadya Suleman. Her fertility specialist Dr. Michael Kamrava helped her conceive her first four children.

Kamrava implanted the embryos on a device called subendometrial embryo delivery, allowing Suleman to conceive twins -- fifth and sixth children.

Suleman has said she wanted a bigger family, but some in the medical community are shocked Suleman had so many embryos implanted.

She and her children live with her parents in Whittier. Her mother says she's the main caregiver, and that Nadya doesn't help pay the bills.

According to Nadya Suleman's publicist, the 33-year-old mother went to one doctor, one fertility clinic and had one sperm donor.

The West Coast IVF Clinic has made no comment.



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