Web site created for aid to octuplets

WHITTIER, Calif. She has no job, mounting debt, and 14 children. What Nadya Suleman does have though is the aid of a public-relations and marketing firm, and they are reaching out.

"I would think that a mom of 14 could use some assistance in providing for all of her children," said publicist Joann Killeen. "If people feel that they would like to make a donation, that it's appropriate to go to the Web site and make a donation, whatever they feel is appropriate for their particular circumstance."

The Nadya Suleman family Web site was born. You can send messages, you can donate money. Major credit cards are accepted.

"One lady called and said 'I don't have a lot of money but I can send you a case of diapers,'" said Killeen. "Somebody else called and said 'I can do nanny services'; somebody else called and said 'I'll give you free childcare for two years.'"

But taxpayers may be providing support anyway. Suleman's octuplets qualify for Medi-Cal, a health program for the poor. The preemies will need care for six to 12 more weeks. Each child's treatment costs $2,400 to $3,500 per day. And concerns mount about round-the-clock childcare. Three of her older children have special needs. Some people wonder if the children will be safe and whether welfare agencies are watching.

"I think if there is a specific report of neglect or of child endangerment then they can come in and investigate, and of course, children's services are always on the side of protecting the children," said attorney Gloria Allred.

One organization offering to help is /*Calvary Chapel in Diamond Bar*/, Nadya Suleman's church, which has more than 10,000 members.

"They are trying to find a home where they can have Nadya move into shortly with all of her children and they're putting together shifts of volunteers who can feed and change babies and take care of the other children, and I think that's just wonderful," said Killeen.

One item you won't find on the Web site: a new report about the father of the 14 children, the sperm donor. Suleman's father tells ABC News that she put a fake name on all the birth certificates. That's an offense that carries a possible prison term.



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