'Cool Kid' goes barefoot for a cause

CORONA, Calif. "The main reason we are not wearing shoes is, for one, to experience what the other people in the world have to go through. And also, it's a big walking billboard," says Randy. "People go, 'He's not wearing shoes -- why?'"

The answer is Randy's humanitarian effort called "One Year Without Shoes." The goal is to collect and send shoes to those who need them.

"I think the first person I talked to gave me shoes gave me 30 pairs," says Randy. "All of a sudden, let's get down to business. We gotta change some lives."

Randy started the small project with his friends Howie, Bryce and Curtis, Randy has since seen the idea explode.

"I was going to get one pair of shoes for every day of the year ... that's a lot of shoes," says Randy. "Now we've been doing it for a month, and we have 300 to 400 pairs already. So I think we have to aim a little higher."

Randy knows it will be emotional when he delivers his first pair of shoes.

"When you give this kid a pair of shoes and he's just looking up at you with those big eyes like, 'Thank you, thank you.' It's gonna break my heart. Then we are going to be all out," says Randy.

Randy is taking steps to bring comfort to people. He is our /*Cool Kid*/.

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