O.C. freeway victim clings to life

ANAHEIM, Calif. The man's girlfriend said he was riding in a car with her. But police have questions about what she claims happened next. He was found on the shoulder of the freeway near Lincoln Ave.

Police call this case suspicious. The man was found on the shoulder of the onramp of the southbound I-5 near Lincoln Ave. This can be a really busy place, especially on a weeknight, and police are hoping someone saw something that can help solve this mystery.

Authorities say Rene Sixto was found alive but unconscious on the shoulder of the southbound I-5 near the end of the Lincoln Avenue on-ramp in Anaheim.

"This is a very suspicious incident, just the nature of what we're being told, as what we're seeing raises a lot of questions," Anaheim Police Dept. Sgt. Rick Martinez.

Police say the 41-year-old Anaheim resident was not a victim of hit-and-run as first thought.

"Things were not adding up and our officers were able to learn that this victim was supposed to be with his girlfriend during the evening. She's indicating that they have been together, that they had been arguing and that they got on the freeway onramp," said Sgt. Martinez.

According to Sixto's girlfriend, police say he jumped out of the passenger side of the vehicle, onto the freeway.

"He had severe head trauma. However, we didn't find other major injuries to other parts of his body, so we do believe he may have come out of the vehicle, but exactly what took place we really don't know," said Sgt. Martinez.

Sixto remains in the hospital.

"We don't expect he will survive the injuries," said Sgt. Martinez.

The incident happened right before 8 p.m. Monday. Police hope someone saw the purple 2004 4-door Toyota Scion or Sixto and his girlfriend earlier in the day.

"If in fact they had been arguing and he jumped out of vehicle, Why didn't she stop? And the questions also that's raised is, Why didn't she report this to somebody?" said Sgt. Martinez.

Police say that the man's girlfriend could face charges if it turns out she did not stop and did not report the incident.

Police only have her story to go by, which is why they hope they can talk with other witnesses.

If you have any information call the Anaheim Police Department at (714) 765-1944. In the meantime, the victim remains in the hospital. He has such severe injuries that he is being kept alive with the help of machines, so authorities say that clinically, he is dead.



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