Red carpet high fashion for low price

LOS ANGELES "They really know what works for them, whether they're a bombshell, or they're more of a bohemian sensibility, and so they can really dress that look," Loehnen said.

For "va-va-voom" look, Loehnen looks to actress /*Eva Mendes*/.

"Eva Mendes is the quintessential, glamorous, old-school bombshell," Loehnen said. "She always wears a strapless dress. It always fits her body perfectly."

For a similar look, from, try a red mini that is only $65, paired with a /*Banana Republic*/ necklace.

"It's a major statement piece. It's not diamonds, but it has sort of the same effect. It's a really 'look at me' piece," Loehnen said.

Actress /*Cameron Diaz*/ has a "California casual" approach to fashion.

"She does a lot of color, she shows a lot of skin, and it's really fun and exuberant and youthful," Loehnen said.

To get Diaz's look, try a dress that is a little more loose-fitting, like a dress by Aliro, priced at $216.

"This is a great dress because you can make it a bit fancier, or you can turn it into something that's great for a Friday night out with friends," Loehnen said.

Actress /*Marisa Tomei*/'s style falls under bohemian. For example, Tomei wore a long ballroom skirt with a frilly top at the /*Golden Globes*/.

A bohemian ensemble that comes with a low price is a $20 H&M skirt with a $90 Zara top.

Actress /*Anne Hathaway*/ tends to add an interesting detail to her American classic dresses.

"It's either an asymmetrical hem, or she goes for a one-shoulder dress. It's sort of Grecian, statuesque," Loehnen said.

Find the same look off the rack. Loehnen chose a dress from Banana Republic that costs $260.

"(The dress has) really interesting draping, one shoulder, sort of a chiffon fabric," she said.

Actress /*Kate Winslet*/ is also consistently classic.

"She has this English rose beauty. It's softer. It's slightly more voluptuous, but it's polished," Loehnen said.

Polished usually translates into expensive, but Loehnen found the look at /*JCPenney*/ for $90.

"You can wear this dress all the time," she said.

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