Breakdown of stimulus bill benefits

  • Create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years
  • provide nearly 40 % of the package in direct relief to working and middle class families
  • double renewable energy generating capacity over three years
  • Creates a Clean Energy Finance Authority and Renewable Tax Credits that together will leverage an additional $100 billion in private investment in the renewables sector
  • Make a $150 billion investment in our nation's infrastructure - the largest investment since the interstate highway system in the 1950s
  • Protect health care coverage for millions of Americans during this recession.
  • Enact the most significant expansion in tax cuts for low- and moderate- income households ever

  • 129 Million Working Households will Receive a Tax Cut, about 95% of All Working Households.
  • A True Working Family Tax Cut: 70% of the tax benefits in the recovery act go to the middle 60% of workers.
  • Provides more than $150 billion to low-income and vulnerable households - spurring increased economic activity that will save or create more than 1 million jobs.
  • 1/250th as much Benefit to the Top 1 percent as the tax cuts of George Bush
  • Largest After-Tax Income Increases to the Bottom 40% of Workers
  • Provides more than $150 billion to low-income and vulnerable households - spurring increased economic activity that will save or create more than 1 million jobs
  • Ensures that a family working full-time can raise their children above the poverty line

  • Preventing teacher layoffs and education cuts in every state.
  • Investing in Early Head Start and Head Start - programs that work. Doubling the number of children in Early Head Start and expanding Head Start.
  • Providing enough funding to support quality child care for an additional 150,000 children and keep 200,000 children from being dropped from care.
  • Providing a new higher education tax cut to nearly 4 million students.
  • Increasing college affordability for more 7 million students by funding the shortfall in Pell Grants and increasing the maximum award level by $500.
  • Investing in data systems to improve student achievement
  • Maintaining key education reforms during the economic downturn

  • Building a bigger, better, smarter grid - modernizing the nation's electricity grid will result in more than 3,000 miles of new or modernized transmission lines.
  • The plan will also create a smarter grid and deploy 40 million "Smart Meters" in American homes, upgrading transmission and distribution technologies that have not significantly changed in a half century. A smarter way to deliver electricity to consumers can lower utility bills, reduce power outages and enable more cutting edge renewable and electric vehicle technologies.
  • Increasing energy efficiency - by reducing federal government energy use, slashing the federal government's energy bill by 25 percent.
  • Increasing low -income weatherization funding
  • Providing energy efficiency grants to the states
  • Green jobs training

  • Accelerating Adoption of Health IT Systems to Modernize the Health Care System, Save Billions of Dollars, Reduce Medical Errors and Improve Quality.
  • Protecting Health Care Coverage for Millions of Americans During This Recession.
  • Providing Health Care Coverage for 7 Million Americans.
  • $1 billion investment in Evidence-Based Prevention for Americans.
  • $500 million in Strengthening the Health Workforce
  • $10 billion in Investments into the National Institutes of Health
  • $1.1 billion investments into Comparative Effectiveness Research.
  • $2 billion investments into Community Health Centers
  • $500 million to modernize Indian Health Services
  • $50 million to the Health and Human Services for IT Security

  • Investing Over $17 Billion in Public Transit and High-Speed Rail to Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil
  • Safeguarding the Roads, Bridges, Dams, Ports, Rail and Water Systems Our Families Use Everyday with a Historic $40 Billion, Two-Year Investment Expanding Broadband Access throughout America
  • $10 billion to expand the availability of affordable housing to address the effect of foreclosures in hardest-hit communities



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