Report: Octuplet family house in default

LOS ANGELES The owner of the home where /*Nadya Suleman*/ was raising her first six children is Angela Suleman, Nadya's mother.

The octuplets are still hospitalized at /*Kaiser Permanente*/.

Documents say the last time a payment was made was back in May of last year and that the home may be sold at any time without any court action.

Nadya Suleman is unmarried and unemployed. In a national interview she said that she wanted to finish school, but she reportedly owes $50,000 in school loans. And there are reports that she is receiving almost $500 a month in food stamps and that three of her older children are getting federal money because they are disabled.

A person at the home said that he is helping the family and some of the business, and that he's helping them find a new home, but he claims he can't talk about any mortgage issue.

"Can't talk about it at all right now," said Victor, the family friend. "I heard about it, I got two minutes of it this morning. I don't know nothing about that yet, haven't had a chance to discuss it with them."

If the payments are not made in full, the $23,000 that is owed, then the home can be sold at any time beginning on May 5, 2009.

The /*Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors*/ says it is urging the state medical board to move quickly in its investigation of the fertility doctor, /*Dr. Michael Kamrava*/, who treated the mother of octuplets.

Nadya Suleman already had six children before the eight newborns.

The octuplets were born premature and remain hospitalized.

Suleman says she conceived all 14 children by in vitro fertilization.

A Tennessee-based talent agency contradicts remarks by a local public relations company, saying it does not represent Suleman.

The president of Ambassador Agency Inc. says it gave some free advice to Suleman, but decided not to represent her.



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