Jury tours Spector's Alhambra mansion

LOS ANGELES Spector is accused of fatally shooting actress /*Lana Clarkson*/ in the foyer of his home in February 2003. He is being re-tried for the murder.

Spector has maintained that Clarkson committed suicide.

This will be the second time a jury has been to Spector's home.

If the second jury repeats the patterns of the first, they will focus on the sounds around the mansion, particularly a splashing fountain in the front courtyard. The prosecution tried to obtain an order for the fountain to be turned off, claiming the defense planned to turn it up to get a louder sound. But the defense established that the pump has only one speed and the sound of the fountain can't be altered.

The defense claims that Spector's chauffeur may have been mistaken when he said he saw the music producer emerge from the house and heard him say, "I think I killed somebody."

They have cited the noise of the fountain as well as the air conditioning in the car where the chauffeur had been sitting as sounds that might have obscured his ability to hear what Spector said.

Jurors were expected to see the living room where Spector is believed to have sat for drinks with Clarkson. The actress had been working as a hostess at the House of Blues where Spector met her that night and invited her back to his house. They also saw a chair in the foyer where she died.

In a marked difference from the first tour, Spector was not to be accompanied by his wife, Rachelle, when jurors arrive. As the defendant, he has the right to be present at what is considered a session of his trial. But the judge has told his wife to stay out of sight. During the first tour, the couple stood arm in arm inside the entryway watching the jurors parade through their home.

Spector's first trial ended in a mistrial with jurors deadlocked 10 to 2, in favor of conviction.

Defense testimony is expected to continue next week. Attorneys have said the trial could wrap up by the end of March.

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