Gas co. worker kills customer's Chihuahua

HESPERIA, Calif. The dog's owner said she watched in horror as the worker kicked her dog. Apparently it happened on the front porch. /*Southwest Gas Corp.*/ said a technician was walking away from the front door when the dog came running out. Southwest Gas said the dog charged, aggressively biting him on the ankle.

The dog's owners said that is not what happened. Gwen was a 10-year-old Chihuahua weighing less than 3 pounds.

"She is my husband's pride and joy," said Brianne Enos, Gwen's owner. "She loved me, don't get me wrong, but she followed my husband around, and she was our little dog."

Brianne Enos said the incident happened last week, when a Southwest Gas technician had arrived to turn off the gas meter, because the family was moving.

Enos said the dog ran out of the house and started barking at the technician. She said he used his foot to push her away.

"She freaked out when he kicked her the first time, when he kind of brushed her off," said Enos. "When he kicked her she barked and freaked out, he then swung back and kicked her and killed her instantly."

She said because she was holding her newborn son at the time, there was little she could do.

"Just to see a 200-pound man versus a 2-pound Chihuahua is heart-wrenching," said Enos.

The company offered this statement: "Southwest Gas offers its condolences to the Enos family and regrets the unfortunate accident. Southwest Gas has policies in place to address these situations, and we are actively investigating this incident."

Enos said Southwest Gas offered to replace her dog. In the meantime, all she has are memories. Friends buried the dog in the back yard. Enos said it was too difficult for her family to do.

The other struggle: Dealing with the images of her dog dying right in front of her.

"Even if she were to jump on his leg, he had steel-toe boots, pants and socks, OK?" said Enos. "So what was she going to do?"

The owners have not decided whether to pursue legal action.



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