Is your food more fattening than you think?

Starting with the large soft pretzel. We know if we coat it with frosting or butter we're tacking on some serious /*calories*/, but did you know that the plain pretzel, albeit low in fat at a mere 5 grams, is almost 500 calories due to all that dough.

It is great to have a meal loaded with greens, but you have to watch what is on top. At first blush a salad can look like a hearty lunch, but you have to read the fine print of the nutrition facts. You might discover there are five servings in the pre-packaged bowl, with up to 950 calories. Nearly 1,000 calories for a salad is too much.

Your morning muffin might also be deceiving because even a mid-size baked good can cost you calorically. A medium blueberry muffin can tack on 444 calories and over 20 fat grams.

When it comes to sandwiches, it is important to note the size of the bread and how much ingredients are stuffed between two slices. Some sandwiches provide far more than the suggested two to three ounces of protein. Many double or triple the serving. If you can't easily take a bite, remove some of the insides for another meal. Seven-hundred calories or more for a sandwich is quite a bit.

When it comes to a snack, many flunk this one. Nobody counts out the 10 to 15 nuts they should have per serving. More like it, they grab handfuls. One cup of mixed nuts is 814 calories and nearly all the fat a woman needs in one day at 70 grams. Even though the fat is the heart healthy kind, that is just too much.



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