Tips on finding new job if laid off

A Senate report found the unemployment rate among women is rising even faster than men, but how do you find another job if you get a pink slip?

Katie Wells has been job hunting since she got laid off from her event marketing position in October.

"They came to me and said, 'We think you're great for this job. However, we can't afford to keep you,'" Wells said.

She said networking is a big key for her in her search for a job.

"I've just been talking to anybody and everybody that will listen to my story, and I've gotten a couple of leads that way," she said.

Career coach Hallie Crawford says Wells is on the right track.

"Networking is the best thing you can do to find your next job," Crawford said.

Networking sites like and can help you make valuable professional connections.

Your job hunting plan should also include online job sites, but avoid the big general ones.

"Find those job sites that are going to be specific to your industry," Crawford said.

It's also important to get your name out there.

"One way is to start a blog or comment on other people's blog posts. Show your expertise. Demonstrate your knowledge," Crawford said.

Blog, write Amazon reviews for books on your area of expertise, or a letter or column for your newspaper.

"There are lots of great ways to get your name out there these days and show that you're an expert, intelligent, and know your industry really well," Crawford said.

Create a daily schedule for yourself, join professional organizations and keep a positive attitude. It's all part of a targeted job-hunting plan.

"The plan will help you stay focused on where you're going and taking specific successful action steps to make this happen and get you out of the situation that you're in," Crawford said.

Crawford also advises job hunters not to panic. Decisions made out of fear almost never have good results.



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