Riverside mom charged with tot's murder

RIVERSIDE, Calif. Lori Burchett, 38, entered the courtroom slowly Thursday afternoon, shackled and handcuffed. She's charged with killing her own child. The child died some time Monday night.

Burchett's husband Greg showed up after work that night and discovered his 17-month-old son was dead. He said his wife was in a traumatic state. He called police.

Police arrived and within hours his wife was arrested, taken to jail, and charged with murder.

Greg Burchett spoke to Eyewitness News the day after: "I've always been extremely supportive of my wife, I don't know what took place, the facts are out, but I don't understand the rationale, and until that comes out and the evidence is there, I won't understand what happened I've lost my son," he said.

Greg Burchett did not show up at his wife's court appearance Thursday.

Off-camera, the defendant's aunt and uncle said that Lori was bipolar, and might have just snapped. It may have been a problem with medication she was taking, but they say she would never have meant for anything like this to happen.

Investigators say the 17-month-old boy suffered blunt-force trauma on the head, and a puncture wound on the abdomen.

The district attorney says it's not a death penalty case. If convicted, Lori Burchett could be sentenced 25 years to life.

"I think they're very serious charges as they'll tell you, and it's a serious case and that's evident based on the charges on the nature of the age of the victim," said /*Riverside County*/ Deputy District Attorney Abbie Marsh.



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