Former Ventura coach arrested on felonies

VENTURA, Calif. The /*Ventura County District Attorney's Office*/ has accused 48-year-old former /*Ventura College*/ men's basketball coach Greg Winslow of falsifying admissions applications for four athletes who played for him. Authorities say the college doesn't give athletic scholarships to players. Winslow allegedly provided fraudulent information to make it appear the student athletes were California residents when they weren't.

"Grand theft, which involves fraudulent information that was provided to the school, that enabled out-of-state students to receive in-state tuition rate, which is significantly cheaper," said Deputy D.A. Wendy McFarlane.

Prosecutors say the false information cost the college about $45,000 in tuition money.

Authorities also accuse Winslow of stashing money donated to the men's basketball program into his own private account.

"That involves donations of checks written to the college that were deposited by Mr. Winslow into his own private account," said McFarlane.

Authorities say Winslow was fired as the Ventura College men's basketball coach nearly a decade ago. He was also the college's athletic director. They say the allegation against him date just as far back.

Winslow's attorney, Ron Bamieh, says that the D.A.'s office is right. Some admissions applications for out-of-state basketball players were doctored, but not by Winslow.

"For sure that happened, but not by Mr. Winslow," said Bamieh. "Mr. Winslow had no ability to do such. He's not in the admissions department."

Asked for stuffing money donated to the basketball program into his own personal debit account, Bamieh said: "They're saying he misused public funds. I don't know what the basis of that allegation is. This is not a man who is lining his pockets with public funds. It's just not happening."

"The charges wouldn't have been filed if they couldn't be proved," said McFarlane. "Anyone who is breaking the law should be held accountable for it regardless of their position."



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