Many cars in Azusa vandalized overnight

AZUSA, Calif. Police say someone shot out the windshields and windows of vehicles parked along North Factor Avenue and Baseline. Residents made the discovery as they prepared to drive to work Friday morning.

The vandalism has left a lot of people in the area shaken.

"I didn't see anything, I didn't even hear anything," said local resident Claudia Sanchez. "And it's pretty scary because my bedroom is right there, and what if, I don't know, our glass could have broken or something."

The vandalism stretched from Azusa to Glendora. Police suspect a pellet gun was used to break the glass.

According to Officer Carlos Plascencia of the Azusa Police Department, it looks like it was a random crime, someone on a joyride doing it for personal pleasure.

"Nonetheless it is malicious, it is costing these people money and the overall damage will, I'm sure, be in the thousands," said Plascencia.

This is not the first time residents in this area have had to worry about this sort of trouble. It was a similar scene last May, when dozens of cars were also damaged. Police solved that crime spree, and with the publics help they are hoping to also find those responsible this time around.

"It is very frustrating for us and especially for the public, because we do want to solve the crime and bring whoever did this to justice," said Plascencia.



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