'No Cussing Week' declared in L.A.

LOS ANGELES Many adults were carefully watching what they said on Tuesday morning at the Hall of Administration in Downtown L.A. After all, there was a cussing jar, which some said would likely be filled in less than 30 minutes.

Regardless of how full the jar was at the end of the morning, one teen's day was full of praise. /*McKay Hatch*/, 14, has been pushing many to clean up their act when it comes to how they speak. He started the "/*No Cussing Club*/" at South Pasadena High school a couple of years ago. And from March 2 through March 6 has now been declared "No Cussing Week" by the L.A. County Supervisors.

McKay accepted the honor with the members of his "No Cussing Club." The club says they have gone international and now have about 30,000 members online.

The membership did not come easy. McKay had faced a lot of opposition -- even death threats for his cause.

However, as Supervisor Michael Antonovich pointed out on Tuesday, you are what you speak.

"Throughout the entire world, there are now young people saying they've had enough of cursing, swearing ... Coming together for a positive role model for our young people," said Antonovich.

"It's gotten a lot bigger than I thought," said Hatch. "I think it's bringing a lot of awareness to people's language and -- hopefully -- people see the goodness in using positive language and uplifting people. That's what this whole club is ... uplifting people."

McKay's parents are very proud of their son who says he is now hoping "No Cussing Week" will soon go statewide.



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