'Octomom' set to move into OC home

LA HABRA, Calif. In Orange County the increased frenzy started Tuesday afternoon when the "Octomom" herself, /*Nadya Suleman*/, showed up at the house there. Her vehicle was in the driveway and she was inside the house along with the sellers, who were just finishing moving their things out. Tons of people were there, some residents, some looky-loos, paparazzi, photographers, the media, all there to try to catch a glimpse of the controversial mother.

Nayda Suleman said nothing as she quickly made her way through a gauntlet of media. The sellers of the house blocked the way to help her as she checked out what will soon be her new home. The mother of octuplets has reportedly accepted an offer of around-the-clock care for her 14 children, arranged by attorney /*Gloria Allred*/ and a non-profit group called /*Angels In Waiting*/.

"We have the care providers at hand, I have occupational therapists set up, I have psychiatrists," /*Linda West Conforti*/ said last month. Conforti is Angels In Waiting founder and president.

The offer was first made last month, but turned down. Suleman wanted to do a reality show, but Angels In Waiting said no. Now with the new offer of help reportedly accepted, some residents are still skeptical.

"When you have what amounts to a preschool 24 hours a day and you're responsible for everything, you can't do it," said Charlotte, a neighbor.

Suleman and her six children are living with her parents in Whittier in a three-bedroom home that's facing foreclosure. Eight newborns are still in the hospital.

Suleman's father purchased the $565,000 home in nearby La Habra. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house has a large fenced-in back yard. The realtor says that was a feature that attracted Suleman.

As the sellers moved their furniture out, cars slowly circled the cul-de-sac to take a closer look. Photographers sit and wait, just in case Suleman stops by.

"This is my 'hood from when I was a kid," said La Habra resident Barbara Thompson. "It's interesting. How often does this happen? So yeah, we came to look."

Neighbors hope Suleman's presence won't change their normally quiet neighborhood.

"Whether you love this lady or hate this lady, got to take care of the kids, those are God's children," said La Habra resident Butch Szeredy.

The deal on the house closes Friday. Suleman could move in as early as this weekend.

Attorney Gloria Allred is expected to hold a news conference Wednesday along with Angels In Waiting.



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