Dance your way to a slimmer physique

"The Bar Method is a series of isolations done at the ballet bar, but it is not dance," said Burr Leonard, /*The Bar Method*/ video instructor. "At the same time it uses the ballet bar the same way a dance would use it to elongate muscles."

Elongating muscles means a long, lean look.

Leonard, 60, is a walking testimonial for the elongating muscle format.

"This is the kind of opposite of what you get in a gym workout or an aerobic workout that doesn't use the bar," said Leonard. "You are burning fat from around and above the muscle that you're strengthening."

A bar or a chair will work well for your training, along with light weight or your own body weight. The method involves performing small, detailed repetitions in interval training. Classes are held locally, but the DVD is only $20.

If you want to shake and shimmy to fire off fat, /*Kathy Smith*/ offers "Dance Your Body Slim." The DVD offers six different ways to tone up and slim down, including belly dancing. The price for two 20-minute routines is $14.98.

The "Dirty Dancing" DVD has four fun routines to learn, which comes complete with a syllabus of common steps used. That makes it much easier to learn the dances. You can mamba, salsa and even Charleston your way into to shape for $10.99.

Finally, fitness pro /*Petra Kolber*/ offers a "10 Minute Solution: Dance Off Belly Fat" for about $15. Kolber teaches five different 10-minute dance blasts for those on the fly, or one 50-minute dance mix.

If you're looking for a little more variety, you might get an exercise video catalog that rates the videos in terms of advanced, intermediate and novice. It even provides information on the difficulty of the choreography. The catalog is free. For more information about the catalog, call (800) 433-6769.



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