Cool Kid aims for greener world

LOS ANGELES Cool Kid Ally Maize has started an organization called the /*Green Youth Movement*/. Her inspiration came from Al Gore's film, "/*An Inconvenient Truth*/."

"That definitely was an eye-opener for me," says Ally. "It made me think I had to do something. He's doing all this stuff, he's opening so many eyes across the country, I should do something too."

Ally's long-range goal is to get "green curricula" in schools. But the immediate goal is for elementary kids to be aware.

"Now, it's just to get their wheels spinning in their heads about what they could do now and inform them of what's going on," says Ally.

Ally takes every opportunity to promote her Web site, and visits elementary schools to get her message to our next generation. One parent told her that message is getting through.

"Her daughter had written a four-page paper about how I inspired her to start changing in her school and in her life," says Ally. "And that this is what she wanted to do. So, that was, 'Wow,' I'm making some change."

Ally truly believes that living a green life is not that difficult.

"The whole global warming issue is very big, but if you break it up into basics, it's not that overwhelming," says Ally. "And if you just change one thing about your lifestyle, the impact is immense."

Reaching out to young minds to make a greener planet a reality now and for years to come, she is our Cool Kid, Ally Maize.

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