First of octuplets may leave hospital

LA HABRA, Calif. The new home for the octuplets has been crawling with workers since last week when preparations for their arrival began.

On Monday, the father of /*Nadya Suleman*/ came by the house, as well as volunteers from Angels In Waiting, and Suleman's attorney.

Late Monday, cribs and bedding, swings and high chairs were delivered to the home.

There was also a pivotal home visit from inspectors from Kaiser Permanente Monday. The house failed a safety inspection a week ago. Monday, they say, "She's making great progress in there."

Suleman's parents visited the house Monday but did not speak to reporters.

Suleman, mother of the octuplets, has not yet moved in to the house, and social workers have not yet cleared the house for the babies to move in.

However, anticipation is building because of a statement made by Suleman on /*Radar Online*/, a Web site affiliated with the /*National Enquirer*/.

Last Wednesday, social workers and /*Kaiser Permanente*/ representatives inspected the home and said it was not baby-safe, making a list of improvements that needed to be made.

Suleman said last week that there was so much to be done that the babies' release would have to wait a little longer, but then the next day she said that two of the octuplets, Noah and Isaiah, could come home as early as Monday.

Personnel from Kaiser said Monday that Suleman is making great progress on the house.

"It looks like they're getting close," said Beth Trombley from Kaiser Permanente of Bellflower.

Meanwhile, the house has been a beehive of activity, and Suleman has been out shopping at /*Target*/ and a /*MAC Cosmetics*/ store. Suleman reportedly spent $1,000 worth of makeup supplies.

She also took her other six children to /*Knott's Berry Farm*/ and /*Disneyland*/ over the weekend for a little break. She said she wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before the octuplets divert her attention.

The latest report is that two of the babies may come on Tuesday.

Eyewitness News Reporters Miriam Hernandez and Micah Ohlman contributed to this report.



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