Bob Dylan's portable john causes stink

MALIBU, Calif. The fresh air off the Pacific is a Malibu trademark, something that brings smiles to the faces of so many of the people there. But Cynthia Emminger isn't one of them.

"Every time we got a whiff of it, we'd be throwing up a lot," said Emminger.

Emminger says that smell is coming from a portable toilet on the property across the street owned by rock legend /*Bob Dylan*/.

AIR7-HD flew over Dylan's property, and sure enough, a portable toilet can be seen. It's about 75 feet from the road and a good hundred feet from the Emminger house. But Emminger say it used to be right next to the fence across from her front yard. And even though it's farther away it's still spewing a strong chemical odor into her home.

"If he likes it so much, then he should put it right next to his house," said Emminger. "Because it's nowhere near his house. It's closest to my house."

So it's fair to say the Emmingers are not big fans of Bob Dylan's portable john. But ironically, big fans have become the front line of defense for the family. The Emmingers have five big fans set up around the front of their home in an effort to keep any odors from lofting into their attic vents.

"When it gets into our attic, it was getting into our bedroom. And every time we'd get a smell of it, it was making us sick," said Emminger.

Eyewitness News tried to get Dylan's side of this story but was unable to reach the singer or his publicist.

Malibu's code enforcement officer said it's not illegal for a resident to have a portable bathroom out of property. And that Dylan is working with the city to alleviate any problems.

Emminger though, is flushed with frustration. She's written several letters to Dylan and the local paper and says until it's gone, she'll continue making a stink about this portable toilet.



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