Octuplet mom called 911 for help

LA HABRA, Calif. It was a chaotic homecoming for two of the /*octuplets*/ when they arrived to their new home Tuesday. Hundreds of people, including the news media, surrounded /*Suleman*/'s SUV as she pulled up to the home with newborns Noah and Isaiah and her six other children.

"The paparazzi is dangerous at this point," Suleman told a 911 operator. "They're trying to break down the garage door. We pulled in here and they're swarming the whole area. I need help. It's not safe for any of the kids."

On Wednesday, two cars nearly collided as Suleman left the house with the paparazzi in pursuit. Police say the law limits what they can do to keep the crowds away.

RadarOnline, where Suleman has been publishing a video diary, captured the homecoming scene indoors. Two caretakers helped Suleman take the babies into the house, and her older children are shown looking at their new brothers.

In a statement, /*Kaiser Permanente*/ said, "This is a happy moment for everyone – the family, physicians, nurses and the entire NICU staff. It is always rewarding whenever a premature infant goes home as a healthy baby."

Baby Noah now weighs 5 pounds, 13 ounces. Baby Isaiah weighs 5 pounds. Both are able to bottle feed, and are able to maintain their body temperature.

Her six other babies still hospitalized at /*Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center*/ are said to be making good progress. They're gaining weight and are being fed formula or donated pasteurized breast milk. The two girls and four boys are expected to come home from the hospital over the next several weeks.

Suleman gave birth to the octuplets nine weeks premature on January 26. Their arrival triggered a whirlwind of controversy after it was learned that she had eight embryos implanted, although she already had six other children. Medical groups say the procedure was in violation of guidelines for in vitro procedures for a woman of her age.

All 14 of her children were conceived through in vitro fertilization at the West Coast IVF Clinic run by Dr. Michael Kamrava, with sperm from an unidentified friend, Suleman has said.

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