Boosting your energy can be easy

Like many Americans, Karl Morris lost his get up and go.

"I would start to drag. I couldn't think or really focus," said Morris.

Stressed, staying up late, eating poorly are all reasons why we're spent. Mentally and physically our body is affected by all kinds of stimulus.

Nutrition expert and author, Dr. Jonny Bowden, reveals a handful of things that can help rev up our system. Start with what you're eating.

"We go for what we can get immediate gratification so we have these high sugar, high caffeine snacks that will take our energy but then they crash us back down," said Dr. Bowden.

Leaving us with more cravings, mood swings, and fatigue. Bowden says go for good quality protein and fat, with lots of fiber and very little sugar. Eggs, salmon, lean beef are all great protein choices along with lower sugar Greek yogurt.

Instead of a coffee break -- try tea. Green tea contains theanine, a natural relaxant.

Getting a full seven or eight hours of sleep is also crucial. Studies show we are getting nowhere near that much.

"The number one day for accidents and fatalities in America, and this has held up for two decades, is the day after daylight savings time. This tells you what one hour of sleep deprivation will do to our judgement -- more fatalities, more accidents, and this is by sleeping just one hour less than we are accustom too," said Dr. Bowden.

Turn off your TV, and log off your computer. Bowden says they have no place in the bedroom. Even clocks, cell phones or radios with LED lights can interrupt sleep. Darkness and quiet promote higher REM sleep cycles.

Something you can try today that is not only easy, its absolutely free is what is known as Bellows Breath or The Stimulating Breath.

"Take a deep breath in on four. Hold for two and then say as you exhale one," said Dr. Bowden.

Harvard studies show deep breathing benefits in many ways.

"Lower your blood pressure, lower your stress hormones, get a nice relaxing feeling and increase your energy ultimately," said Dr. Bowden.

"It is the most calming, energizing process you can do for yourself," said Dr. Bowden.

Beyond breath its small inexpensive moments that break up life's stressors.

"Maybe you just go for a walk, just spend sometime out in the greenery, maybe you do a deep breathing exercise, maybe you take a bubble bath," said Dr. Bowden.



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