Get the most out a rotisserie chicken

Why not try a chicken take on a quick Thanksgiving feast? Use boxed mash potatoes and stuffing mixes, prepared with the usual onion, celery, and some dried cranberries. Layer the potatoes, stuffing, then slices of rotisserie chicken. Top with a jar of gravy of your choice, with some steamed veggies on the side.

If your family likes Asian flavors, pick the bird down and mix the chicken with a box of stir-fry rice. Add a clove of garlic, some diced scallion sautéed with nuts like almonds and dried fruit. Traditional fried rice uses a bit of scrambled egg stirred in for a satisfying one dish meal.

How about swapping ground beef in chili for the dark meat of the rotisserie chicken? A can of beans, tomato sauce combined with sautéed onion and peppers with thigh and leg meat makes a wonderfully filling combination.

How about a bit of Mexican flavor with Tortilla Soup? It can be yours in about 10 minutes by adding rotisserie chicken slices to 32 ounces boiling chicken broth with a small box of frozen corn kernels, a couple cups of fresh spinach, one half jar of salsa and a squeeze of lime if you have it. Serve immediately after crunching up a handful of tortilla chips over each bowl.

While we know a sandwich is an easy choice, gourmet it up a bit by stuffing a whole wheat pita slathered in hummus, with chicken, Kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes ( from an oil packed jar), and a bit of fresh spinach or Arugula .

On a financial note, the average price of the rotisserie chickens we purchased were about $8 and made three meals, which is pretty nice cost wise.



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