Vandals shoot out car windows in O.C.

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. The suspects blasted out the windows of at least 51 vehicles, causing an estimated $25,000 in damage since the attacks began last Saturday.

The latest incident began around 10 p.m. Wednesday in Laguna Hills, where 10 vehicles were targeted with the /*pellet-guns*/.

Just an hour later, the windows of 31 vehicles were shot out in Foothill Ranch, near a dead-end area of Alton Parkway, according to /*Jim Amormino*/ of the /*Orange County Sheriff's Department*/.

"It's really expensive to replace a windshield so not to mention the time involved," said victim Denise Keddy. "It's disconcerting someone's going around popping windows in a nice quiet neighborhood."

Keddy's neighbor Sue Schwartz had two windows blown out of a vehicle she borrowed from her mother.

"I think it's a shame kids can't find something better to do with their time instead of destroying other people's property," said Schwartz.

Last Saturday, 10 other vehicles were targeted in the area, most likely by the same group, said Amormino, with someone driving a vehicle, and as many as four others doing the firing.

A new law recently passed allows prosecutors to lump the counts together into a felony charge, due to the number of attacks and mounting damage. If the incidents were considered separate counts, they might be misdemeanors,

Amormino says if the suspects are juveniles, their parents could be financially responsible.

"These people have no fear of being caught," said victim Nadre Davani. "Somebody is really angry about something seriously, or has some serious issues."



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