Infused coffees hope to boost benefits

"I often wake up, as an inventor and an entrepreneur, wake up in the middle of the night with ideas," said Dave Tieman, founder of Tieman's Fusion Coffee.

Tieman literally dreamed up his latest creation - Tieman's Coffee, which is infused with three known antioxidants.

"It has ceremonial Matcha green tea, which is literally 100 times more powerful than regular steeped green tea," said Tieman. "It uses red tea, which is a South African Rooibos tea, and we use Goji."

The goji berry, which is loaded with antioxidants and rare minerals, is from the rainforest.

Independent lab results confirm.

"One cup of our coffee is 17,323 ORAC units, or antioxidants. What that means is that you're getting over 5 times the antioxidants that you'd get in a regular cup of bagged green tea or bulk green tea," said Tieman.

Tieman's isn't the only coffee infusion on the market. Shock Coffee and Java Fit boost the stimulant factor, while Feng Shui coffees infuse tea, herbs and more -- brewing different blends for your various needs.

"The theory behind Feng Shui is that it's different coffees for different moods. We have energy, we have clarity, we have metabolism, calm," said Greg Dathe from Feng Shui Coffee. "So whatever you feel like you need, there's a coffee for it."

Ginkgo biloba is in their 'clarity' blend, glucosamine in their 'flexability' blend and echinacea and Siberian ginseng are added to one they call their 'immunity' blend. What was once coffee now looks like something the doctor ordered.

"I think there could be an advantage to it, but I think that it's something that one really needs to explore on an individual basis," said dietitian Ashley Koff.

Koff says that's because some don't tolerate coffee's side effects.

"For a lot of people caffeine is preventing them from sleeping or it's keeping them up or the acid is bothering their system," said Koff.

It is also important to mention that the jury is still out on some of these extras like ginkgo biloba, glucosamine, and Echinacea, as countless studies vary greatly in their efficacy. So adding these ingredients may or may not meet your needs.

Then there's price. Tiemans is $9.99 per 10 oz. bag. Feng Shui Coffee costs $12.99 per 12 oz. bag, which is similar to premium brands.



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