Truth behind odd body quirks

Cracking your knuckles is just one of many things people experience, but don't know why.

Forrest Robinson wonders why being scared or cold gives him a reaction.

"I am curious to know why we get goosebumps?" asked Robinson.

Internal medicine expert Dr. John de Beixedon, says blame the tiny muscles under our hair.

"When they get tense basically the hair follicle area stands erect, and when that happens it gives you little goosebumps," said Dr. de Beixedon.

Another prickly sensation folks wonder about is when your feet fall asleep.

"The nerve has basically been stunned by a lack of blood flow," said Dr. de Beixedon.

It can be quite common, but it can be worrisome if it happens a lot without provocation.

"Something else can be going on diabetes, multiple sclerosis, different conditions can be causing parasthesia," said Dr. de Beixedon.

That's when you should get it evaluated. Another stinging sensation. The sting of slicing onions.

When you cut an onion it releases enzymes that produce a gas that mixes with your tears and creates sulfuric acid and it causes you to tear up. It's part of the onion's defense mechanism against pests.

"Plants just like animals have defense systems. That is why there are poisonous mushrooms and poisonous berries," said Dr. de Beixedon.

Have you ever wondered why joints crack?

"I hear it's gasses inside the joints that have to be released," said Isaiah.

That's what most people think. Gas in a joint's sinovial fluid, but some joints crack consistently.

"I'm guessing that popping is not just related to nitrogen. It may be related to tendons. It may be related to stiffness of joints," said Dr. de Beixedon.

Possibly arthritis. A combination of popping and pain could also indicate an inflamed tendon. Something else that causes pain: cramps.

Doctors say the culprit is a lack of hydration not potassium, magnesium or calcium. Another annoyance: always feeling cold.

Many people worry it's anemia or a thyroid problem. Dr. de Beixedon says it's usually not caused by disease.

Women complain more about the cold than men so experts think it could be hormonal, genetic or cultural.

If these complaints come on suddenly and unexplained, doctors say get it checked out, but most people shouldn't worry.

"The longer it goes on the less likely it is going to kill you," said Dr. de Beixedon.

Many of these odd body quirks, like eye twitching, disappear when you cut out alcohol, caffeine and get rest.

Another oddity is cankles - which is what some people call fat around the ankles - and it might actually be a good thing. Why? Fat around the abdomen can signal diabetes, but fat stored in the leg may be drawing triglycerides from the blood stream.



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