L.A. Marathon date to change again?

LOS ANGELES This year's Marathon will take place on Memorial Day.

However, two /*Los Angeles City Council*/ members, /*Tom LaBonge*/ and /*Janice Hahn*/, want to move next year's race back to March.

For years, the marathon was held on the first Sunday in March. That changed, after local churches along the race route complained that parishioners were having trouble getting to services.

In September, the Los Angeles City Council voted to transfer the race rights to a group run by /*Dodgers*/ owner /*Frank McCourt*/, on the condition that the race be moved to a Monday holiday. The race was then moved to Presidents Day, 2009.

In November, it was rescheduled to Memorial Day. Organizers said that date would create fewer disruptions because more people would be off work. But now some people have suggested that holding the race on Memorial Day is disrespectful to veterans. Some runners have also objected to the May date, citing concerns about the heat.

Councilmembers LaBonge and Hahn have put a forth motion seeking to go to back to the first Sunday in March. Councilman LaBonge says he believes it can be done while accommodating people who attend churches along the route.

"If you were running down the street," said LaBonge, "And Jesus was on the corner and he was running to church, he'd bring water out to you -- keep you cool."



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