Schwarzenegger supports props on ballot

SACRAMENTO Some of the measures would extend tax increases and make other efforts to close a $42 billion shortfall.

/*Schwarzenegger*/ said if the propositions fail, California will be on the brink of financial collapse.

"What we have to do is make cuts and have revenue increases. And on top of that is budget reform, so this never ever happens again," Schwarzenegger said.

Proposition 1A the "Rainy Day Budget Stabilization and Accountability Act" would extend the state's temporary 1-cent sales tax increase, the increased vehicle license fee and personal income tax increases until 2012. That measure is predicted to raise $16 billion for the cash-strapped state.

The /*Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association*/ opposes Prop 1A, saying it's the worst economic time to put additional financial burdens on California taxpayers.

On July 1 the sales tax in Los Angeles County will climb from 9.25 percent to 9.75 percent because voters have already approved an increase to fund mass transit projects.

Mayor /*Antonio Villaraigosa*/ supports the measures and said without the propositions, "California will go into bankruptcy."

Other propositions on the ballot:

Proposition 1B
The measure would give $9.3 billion for schools beginning in 2011-2012 to make up for current budget cuts.

Proposition 1C
The measure would allow the state to borrow $5 billion against future state lottery sales.

Proposition 1D
The measure would direct money from the tobacco tax to children's health and social services.

Proposition 1E
The measure would take money from the Mental Health Services Act to pay for children's health programs.

Proposition 1F
The measure stipulates the governor, state lawmakers and officials would not get a pay raise whenever California has a budget deficit.



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