Girls raise funds for hospitalized teens

LOS ANGELES They're not doctors or nurses, but for teenagers stuck in the hospital, they could be the next best thing: Local students who want to make life at /*Childrens Hospital Los Angeles*/ a little more bearable for their fellow teenagers.

"We're just teens and we know that if we were here it would be really hard for us, and we're just putting ourselves in their shoes ... they're just like us," said fundraiser organizer Nathalia Ramos. "Just because we're teens and we're young doesn't mean that we can't make a difference."

Nathalia Ramos and Bosilika An are the two young ladies who came up with the idea for a fundraiser. They recently volunteered at Childrens Hospital and realized teen patients don't always get the same attention the younger kids get.

"When we were there we noticed that while there was so much for the younger children, there really wasn't that much for the teens," said An.

To change that, the girls are planning a big party -- they call it "The Bash," and thanks to some great Hollywood connections, it will be just that.

"/*Crustacean Restaurant*/ has donated the restaurant, which is absolutely amazing," said Ramos.

If all goes well, The Bash will raise enough money to buy some cool gadgets for a hangout room at the hospital. Anything to help take the patients' minds off their illnesses.

"We're visiting with the teens here, getting a connection with them so that we can really see what they want and what they feel that they need for their teen hangout room so that we can enhance it and make it the best possible room for them," said organizer Marissa Lepor.

Joining in on the visit was actor David Hasselhoff. He's one of those Hollywood connections that could help turn this event into a real hit.

"What we are hoping is that people will come together in this time of crisis, especially in this economy, and put forward some donations, put forward some money, so eventually we hope this to become an annual thing where we can raise enough money to really benefit the Childrens Hospital," said organizer Autumn Chiklis.

Big plans for The Bash, and hopefully even bigger benefits for the big kids at Childrens Hospital.

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