Woman to pay $3,800 in truancy fines

ADELANTO, Calif. Not much is known about the person involved, 31-year-old Michelle Evans, because not only the school district, but the district attorney's office are being tight-lipped about this because there are kids involved.

There were four kids involved, and Michelle Evans was fined almost $4,000 for failing to make sure her kids got to school. For parents picking up their kids at /*West Creek Elementary School*/, it can be a chore. But making sure kids are getting to school is something most parents do. Not everyone does though.

A long lineup of cars, it can often take a lot of time out of the day.

"That's pretty much a crime to not have your kids go to school," said parent Scott McDairmant.

"It's education, it's smart to bring your children to school," said parent Colette Warman. "I don't know, I can't believe that."

The parent in question, Michelle Evans, who was convicted, has four kids in the school district. She's been cited 11 times in the past year for not making sure her kids get to school.

"A child in a seat is educated; a child who is absent in that process more than likely than not won't be educated," said Melva Davis, /*Adelanto School District*/.

Administrator Melva Davis couldn't talk about specifics, but says this case underscores something important. Not only can students get in trouble for ditching class, irresponsible parents can get in trouble for not getting them to class.

"The right to go to school for students to go to school in the United States of America is age 6 to 18, and it is a civil right," said Davis. "We expect parents to honor that."

At school, parents say there are very few excuses for not getting your kids to class.

"There's a school bus system and plenty of facilities here to get your child back to school from home," said Scott McDairmant.

And if your child doesn't want to go to school?

"They don't have a choice in the matter," said McDairmant.

The school district has a list of reasons that are no good for not getting your kids to school.

One is, going to work with parents or other family; getting ready for a date; personal problems or repairing car or household items; bus not available, or missing a bus; and participating in a student demonstration on or off campus.

There is a flier you can pick up at any of the district offices in San Bernardino County and these will give you all of the reasons.

Michelle Evans is going to have to pay $3,800 in fines and the judge is allowing her to make those payments in monthly increments of $25.



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