Guard kills man after confrontation

STANTON, Calif. Authorities said the security guard fatally shot a man who assaulted him at about 11 p.m. next to /*Adventureland*/ and the /*Hobby City*/ shopping center on Starr Street near Beach Boulevard.

The guard making his usual rounds in the area when he was confronted by the suspect. Investigators say it appears the suspect hit the guard on the head with a baton and a flashlight, both of which belonged to the guard.

"The suspect then retreated to his truck, came out with what the security guard believed to be a weapon," said Jim Amormino from the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Police said the guard, fearing for his own life, fired two shots at the suspect, killing him.

Police have determined that the suspect was not armed.

Authorities say the suspect is a 36-year-old county mental health worker from Corona.

One of the coworkers of the security guard, Robert McLaren, said that he is just happy that his colleague survived that attack.

"He did his job and got the suspect," McLaren said.

Deputies are still investigating the shooting, but said they are confident the guard was assaulted by the suspect and acted in self defense. No charges will be filed against the security guard.

Police are unsure why the suspect attacked the security guard.

The security guard is recovering from head injuries.



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