New diet helps fights prostatitis

"I would find myself getting up three, four five, six, seven times a night," said John McComb.

"When I would drive to work I would have to be in the right lane knowing that I would have to stop and use the restroom," said McComb.

Was caffeine the cause of all John McComb's suffering? For 12 years, he dealt with the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of prostatitis.

"Men of all ages, starting in their 20s into their 70s, can have a normal size prostate, but one that is inflamed," said Dr. Milton Krisiloff.

"I had tried almost every medication available," said McComb.

Then John met Dr. Milton Krisiloff at Saint John's Health Center. His advice was for John to stop consuming three things: caffeine, alcohol and spicy food.

Dr. Krisiloff's theory is all spelled out in his new book, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet. The concept came to him after he figured out what all his prostatitis patients had in common.

"People would come in notice their symptoms were worse if they had caffeine or had some alcohol," said Dr. Krisiloff.

Dr. Krisiloff says reducing inflammation in the body not only helps with prostatitis, mild rheumatoid arthritis and heartburn. It can even help with urinary incontinence.

"The incontinence is related to inflammation in the bladder and the prostate. In women it can affect the urethra, which is the tube that leaves the bladder," said Dr. Krisiloff.

"I saw instant results within one to two weeks, it got better and it got progressively better as time goes by," said McComb.

John says the sacrifice of giving up caffeine, alcohol and spicy food makes sense for him.

"If something is causing you a problem and you keep doing it that is your fault. You shouldn't do that," said McComb.



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