Obama to reform immigration policies?

MEXICO CITY "Hopefully he keeps his promises and helps us out with all the immigration cases and all that," said Louis Mendoza, who was deported from Los Angeles.

For Mendoza, the issue isn't drugs or the economy, it is immigration. The issue has gained tremendous weight since /*President Obama*/ announced he is going to launch new efforts to reform immigration policies.

Mendoza, 26, grew up in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. He was deported at age 23.

"I was born here in Mexico, but I was raised in the States," said Mendoza. "I left California when I was 3 years old. My father is a U.S. citizen, my mom is a resident. And, eventually, that didn't help me out at all in my immigration case."

Mendoza's story of being born in Mexico, but being raised in the U.S. is not uncommon. And now, Mendoza is back in his native country, but he feels like a foreigner. His entire family is in Los Angeles.

"All my family. All my family. My mother, father, sisters, brothers, uncles ... I mean everybody," said Mendoza.

Popular radio host Frederico Lamont, whose political talk show reaches 1.5 million people daily, says immigration is this country's most important issue.

"We are all glad because Obama is moving on the issues, particularly immigration," said Lamont.

If Obama could find a constructive path to allow illegal immigrants to become legal, Lamont says his entire country will celebrate.

"We have a population close to eight million illegal Mexicans who are settled in the United States. That's why we admired the courageous position of President Obama in order to phase and deal with this big task," said Lamont.

In the mean time, Mendoza will work as a valet in Mexico City.

"I would really love to go back to the States," said Mendoza. "I miss my family."

This is the first time the President of the United States has come to Mexico City in 13 years. According to residents, it couldn't have come at a more necessary and desperate time.



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