Women charged with stabbing teen, mother

LOS ANGELES Treanna Turner, 30, was in a wheelchair as she faced a judge and was charged with murder. Pamela Johnson, 54, pleaded not guilty. She's charged with attempted murder

"It's not worth it! This child died for nothing!" said Britney Kennard, the victim's sister.

For the family of 16-year-old Yolanda Kennard, there's anguish.

"When you lose somebody there is really nothing you can say," said Yolanda's father, Willy Ligons. "What you feel in your heart is an empty space."

Police say two days ago, Yolanda Kennard and her mother were standing on the sidewalk and talking to people. They say at some point she walked up to Treanna Turner, who was in a wheelchair. Detectives say as the two talked Turner got angry, pulled out a knife and stabbed Yolanda.

Police say when Yolanda's mother rushed to help her, she was stabbed in the head by another woman, who detectives identify as Pamela Johnson.

Police say bystanders stepped in and held the suspects till authorities arrived.

Police say it appears the motive for the stabbing was over a dispute about a man. The victim's mother, whose injuries aren't life-threatening, talked to Eyewitness News. She claims the tragic dispute was not over a man.

"My daughter just walked up to her and asked where her daughter was. That's all," said Yolanda's mother.

As a sophomore at Dorsey High School, Yolanda was such a standout she was in her second year on the girls varsity basketball team, which made it to the second round of the playoffs this season.

Her coach says she was the smallest player but had the biggest heart.

"Yolanda, Yo-Yo was the heart of our team," said basketball coach Sherlett Hendy. "Young, small, but gave more to us than we could ever repay her to give back."



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