Chef's Kitchens leases space to chefs

WEST LOS ANGELES Chef's Kitchens provides some of the ingredients to make culinary dreams come true. This is a place where professional chefs like C.C. Consalvo can come in and prepare her organic meals, and then deliver them.

Chef's Kitchens, for a fee, provides top-notch restaurant-quality equipment for Consalvo and other chefs to keep their businesses going.

"When I was starting off and growing, we couldn't necessarily move into our own kitchens just yet," said Consalvo, Clean Plate Meals. "It was more of an idea, a concept, and we wanted to try it out. So Chef's Kitchens gave us the opportunity to come in and test things and you know, just pull it together."

Sarah Cawley is the general manager at Chef's Kitchens. She says business is good, despite a slumping economy. Professionals and those who have the passion to cook lease space at Chef's Kitchens.

"We're always trying to accommodate anybody we can, and if they're flexible in their time, that really helps us," said Cawley. "So if somebody says, 'Look, I can work at off hours, you know, 5 to 4 in the morning,' perfect, no problem."

Chef's Kitchens takes care of all health department requirements and maintenance. It's illegal to cook and sell food from your home. For someone that's just starting out, that saves you a lot of money and risk.

"For a small company like myself, when I first started, it was just me, and I could never afford the thousands it would take to run a commercial kitchen," said Robyn Chandonnet, Nude Food. "So when I came in here and met with Sarah and Andrea, the woman that you know, owns it, it was just everything to me. I came in with just my product, you know, insurance for liability and my business license, and I was able to set up."

Through the years, chefs here have gone on to open their own restaurants and cafes, so success for these chefs, like this cheesecake, has been sweet.



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