Mom bakes to help her autistic son

Slice up a few bananas, mix in some sugar, vanilla pudding, Cool Whip and a top secret ingredient and you have a recipe for sweet fundraising success.

"We really liked going back to the roots of doing something you love for someone you love," said Eva Woodsmall.

This is the idea behind Eva Woodsmall's "Pies For a Cure." Her 8-year-old son, Andrew, has autism. She is dedicated to helping him be the best he can be.

"He faces so many more challenges than we do. I think this is just a simple way for us to say, 'Hey we love you and we support you and we are going to do everything we can in this process,'" said Eva.

A few weeks ago she and a group of other moms set up a makeshift bakery in her backyard. She sent out flyers and people pre-ordered her banana cream pies. Customers picked them up on her front curb.

"Some people sent in money for the ingredients. One person sent in $520 and purchased one pie," said Eva.

Phillip Hain, with Autism Speaks, says making pies is just one of the many creative ideas people have come up with to help raise money for autism research and services.

"Even though the economy is tough, families who are affected by autism have it just as tough with having to spend money on different therapies and and different programs," said Hain.

Armed with her top secret ingredient, Eva is preparing to bring "Pies for a Cure" to new heights next spring. She's still a little shy of her $5,000 goal, but she's hoping to "bring in more dough" for this Saturday's Walk Now For Autism. She calls it a day for families to celebrate.

"For some of the newly diagnosed I always tell them to bring a pair of sunglasses because sometimes the tears are something you can't hold back because it is empowering and it's humbling," said Eva.

Walk Now For Autism is Saturday, April 25 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Registration starts at 8 a.m.



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