Cool Kid clothes needy families

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. "I had the after-school programs, the /*Boy Scouts*/, the lost and found at the elementary school, high school and the middle school," said Jason.

Jason went to the /*Richstone Family Center*/ to get the clothes to families in need.

"He had a setback with his basketball and out of something that was a negative, he turned it into a positive," said Rolando Ramirez, executive director of the Richstone Family Center. "And through it, he has been able to touch the lives so many children and families."

Jason also wants to bring understanding to people in his neighborhood.

"Be aware of what other families are going through in neighboring towns," said Jason. "We need to extend outwards and help other families."

For the families, what Jason does is more than just receiving sweatshirts.

"Above all, he makes the families feel so special," said Allison Tanaka, volunteer coordinator. "I think that was the neat thing was to see the kids so excited, to see how special they felt, knowing that someone was taking care of them, someone was looking out for them."

At the same time, Jason receives a great feeling from the people he helps.

"That was the best satisfaction I felt during the whole Sweatshirt Project. I just felt that all my work was actually going out to help the families," said Jason.

Jason Jones does all he can for those in need. He is our "/*Cool Kid*/."

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