Elderly woman assaulted in Norwalk

NORWALK, Calif. Investigators said the victim was a partially blind woman 82-year-old.

Deputies said the suspect broke a window to get into the woman's condominium at around 5 a.m. Friday. The woman was asleep at the time, but woke up when she heard the suspect breaking in. When she went to confronted him, she was assaulted deputies said.

Neighbors who knew the victim said the suspect continuously demanded money during the assault.

"I think it's horrific, I can't event believe that somebody would have the gall to do something like that to an 80-year-old woman," said Sharon Salg, a friend of the victim. "She hasn't done anything to anybody. Why would they even want to pick on her?"

Other neighbors say this isn't the first time the victim's home was targeted.

"This is the third time that her house has been targeted for a robbery," said Sgt. Steve Mills of the Sherriff's Department. "We're checking to see if they are related, but we really aren't sure at this time."

The woman was taken to the hospital for examination. Deputies said the man who committed the assault is a white male in his early 20's with a thin build. He was wearing dark clothing at the time of the assault.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Norwalk Sheriff's Station at (562) 863-8711.



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