I.E. golf course greens goes brown

CORONA, Calif. When you live on a golf course you expect to have a beautiful view, but ever since a course in Corona closed a few months ago, residents their view is an eye sore.

There are weeds everywhere. So residents say the place is a mess and what they say frustrates them is that there's very little they can do about it.

"It's crying shame with all the history that this thing has been allowed to go downhill," said Lloyd Chauvin, resident.

And for Lloyd Chauvin, it's gone downhill in a hurry, ever since the place closed earlier this year. Signs are covered with graffiti and fairways are lined with weeds. Needless to say, the view from his home along the 10th hole, just isn't the same.

"Since the grass has been allowed to die out, it doesn't have the same attraction as it did originally," said Chauvin.

And as you might imagine, as the condition of the course goes down the drain, so do property values.

"How much is hard to tell. You'll find people talking about $100,000 drop in value," said Chauvin.

Residents can't do much about it because it's not their property. So many have taken their complaints to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

We're told the county has told the owners of the course to keep the property up, like anyone else has to, and the sheriff's department is keeping an eye on trespassers to cut down on graffiti.

"We do have a vested interest as far as keeping this property looking good. Making sure that a certain element doesn't go into it. It's a very large property and we want to make sure that no criminal element stays there. And if we show up we can move them around or get them in jail," said Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez, Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

But there's only so much Riverside County can do. It's all about to the economy. Something Lloyd Chauvin is reminded everytime he looks across his back yard.

Oh I think connected with the general economic conditions, just another business that's had to bite the dust," said Chauvin.

Another resident who lives up the street from Lloyd Chauvin says one of her big concerns is fire danger.

Eyewitness News was told that the owners was at the location a couple of weeks ago mowing some of the weeds to try to help out. EWN tried to reach the owners for comment, but were unable to reach them.

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