Perfect pairs to give you better health

LOS ANGELES Like caffeine and cardio. The stimulants in caffeine offer an energy boost if tolerated, increasing endurance and delaying fatigue. Recent studies found that caffeine also helps diminish pain when exercising so researchers speculate it might help some exercise longer.

A squeeze of lemon in your cup of freshly brewed green tea could be the ticket to lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke. The powerful antioxidants in green tea called catechins do best when coupled with a vitamin C food. Lemon with tea proved to increase absorbability of the antioxidants thirteen times more than drinking it plain.

Another great food combo is avocado and salad. Studies show the duo might just brighten up your vision as avocados healthy fats increase absorption of plant chemicals like carotenoids found in lettuce, carrots and spinach, which in turn decrease the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. Three tablespoons appeared to be the portion that did the trick.

For those who omit meat from their diet, having some orange juice with the morning eggs might boost energy. The iron found in meat called heme-iron is the most easily utilized, yet only 20 percent of non-heme iron found in beans, eggs, and veggies is made available for use. Whether it be black beans with salsa, or eggs and orange juice, think about pairing vitamin C with iron food for six times the availability of eating them solo.

Music is the perfect exercise partner to motivate you to move more, but the combo may have some added benefit for the brain. Turn on the tunes and hit the treadmill for at least 21 minutes increasing the slope and speed of your walk every 10 minutes to burn calories and stimulate cognitive performance. Researchers found 21 minutes helps kick your central nervous system into high gear to enhance memory and organization while torching calories.

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