How to wash cars the waterless way

LOS ANGELES There are ways to keep your ride looking its best without water.

Barry Meguiar is president of /*Meguiar's Car Care*/ of Irvine. He says the company first created its spray-on quick detailer during the drought of the late 70s.

"People were wanting to wash their cars, they couldn't, they were just restricted from it, and it was a major problem," he said.

"From the moment we introduced it, it just took off because it was an idea whose time had come."

Using just a bottle of the quick detailer, which costs about $10, Meguiar cleaned a filthy car hood in very little time, no water and not much elbow grease.

Not only can you save water and money, but you can also save time. You can clean an entire car in less than 10 minutes with the product.

There are other ways to keep you car looking good while still conserving water. Investing in a good car cover keeps the dirt off, and if you use one regularly, you won't have to wash nearly as often.

A duster made for cars is also a good way to wipe off light dust, but Meguiar cautions that although they're not supposed to scratch, they can harm some car paint.

There are also other brands of instant-clean products on the market. Many people have their own preferences.

Even if you don't want to clean your whole car, there are products that are great for removing bird droppings, which can damage your paint if left unchecked.

Meguiar boasts that his product has been around longer than any other, and the latest version actually repels water in case your car meets an errant sprinkler.

"It is so powerful, it will literally push water uphill to get it off the surface. It absoloutely will not let water stay on the surface," Meguiar said.

They also have an instant spray wax that helps repel water too.

Water is in short supply right now. You can conserve it, and keep your car shining, too.

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