Lexus offers dedicated hybrid model

LOS ANGELES The /*Lexus HS250*/ might not look like anything special at first glance, but it marks a first for luxury carmaker /*Lexus*/.

"This is the first vehicle for us that is only coming out in a /*hybrid*/. So, it is a dedicated hybrid," said David Nordstrom, Lexus Spokesperson.

The HS250h is meant to be an entry-level luxury hybrid. There are other Lexus hybrids which range in price from just over $40,000 to well over $100,000.

The HS is priced under $35,000. However, the options can add up.

The new Lexus offers the good fuel economy expected of a hybrid, which is 35 miles per gallon while driving in the city. In addition, the car offers great technological features, which is great news for buyers who have come to expect the latest features.

"It's really about the forward thinkers. So, when we talk to consumers about this vehicle and all of the features, the people that really want to be first in new technology, new innvoations ," said Nordstrom. "And this is really one of the most innovative vehicles that Lexus has been able to bring out."

The car features some technology we've seen before, like optional cameras in both the back and front. In addition there are new things like driver safety aids, including a system that watches your eyes for drowsy behavior.

Not only does the new Lexus HS use less petroleum in the engine, it also takes less petroleum to build it. Many of the interior materials aren't made out of petroleum-based plastics, but ones based on plants. That means they're also recyclable at the end of the car's life.

Other environmental details have been added to the HS250 as well. For example, the glass is designed to block UV rays, which means the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard. With the air conditioner getting a break, you will end up saving a bit on fuel.

"We work at the beginning of the sustainabilityof the manufacturing, and also the sustainability of the vehicle. So we want the manufacturing process to be very sustainable, but then also the vehicle. And so the accessories and the parts that go into it ... we want them to be very environmental," said Nordstrom.

The Lexus HS isn't the most powerful hybrid model, there are hybrids that get better mileage and hybrids that cost less. However, if you're looking for a hybrid with the latest gadgets, the HS is another choice in the growing hybrid segment.

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