All-star cast brings 'G-Force' to life

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES /*Tracy Morgan*/ voices one of the secret agent guinea pigs in "G-Force." And as "Blaster," he had a blast!

"I loved doing it. I had so much fun. Look at the names that you're connected with -- Walt Disney! They made Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Come on! I'm a Mouseketeer now. When they open the books, I'm a good guy. This might get me my star on the Walk of Fame," said Morgan.

Sam Rockwell is also on the "G-Force" as a guinea pig named "Darwin."

Jon Favreau is "Hurley", the trainee. Plus, Steve Buscemi plays a hamster and an Oscar winner disguises his voice to play a mole.

When interviewing /*Nicolas Cage*/ I told him that when I was watching the movie I had no idea which character he was playing.

"Oh good, yeah, well that was the goal. I wanted to disguise myself, and transform myself, and to try to give you a complete new sound," said Cage. "I had no interest in playing a guinea pig. I don't want to look like a guinea pig. I don't want to be one of those cute little domesticated fur balls, cuddly toys. But the mole had a really wild look. He had long nails, a little star nose, a long tail and small little eyes with big goggles. To me, that was a character."

The guinea pigs who make up "G-Force" find themselves in all sorts of adventures.

"You try to go two levels -- one for the kids and one for the adults. Hopefully, they're not bored, you know? But I think between the gizmos and the gadgets for the dads and the action, it keeps everyone on their toes," said /*Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr.*/

A good example of the two-level theory is a scene with "Agent Juarez," played by /*Penelope Cruz*/.

"When she's walking, she's very sexy as a guinea pig, you know? Her reveal on the film, when she's throwing the water off in slow-motion is great, you know? And just the way she handles herself," said Yeatman.

By the way, "G-Force" is in 3-D. It also features /*Will Arnett*/ and /*Bill Nighy*/. It's rated PG for action and rude humor. It opens Friday.

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