Cocktail ideas to keep you hydrated

LOS ANGELES "Water goes into the body but actually it's the right mineral balance that brings the water inside our cells," said Ashley Koff, RD.

But the balance is often offset by fast food and processed food that create a very common sodium rich diet, so fluids alone won't do the trick.

"We may be dehydrated even if we've been doing the right thing and having water or ice tea or all these other things," Koff said.

The solution is to bring in sodium's counterpart potassium, the mineral responsible for helping to sweep sodium out of our system.

"Sodium actually is responsible for keeping the water outside the cell with potassium bringing it in," Koff said.

Some of the best potassium food includes avocado, baked potato with skin, cooked spinach and lentils, and of course banana. If those aren't common in your diet, Koff suggests so-called hydration cocktails to drink down the minerals that you need, like her hydration sangria.

"I've got ice tea, frozen fruit, coconut water, kefir, some stevia," Koff said.

Coconut water kefir is potassium rich and the frozen fruit acts as ice cubes contain antioxidants.

Koff also made a thirst quenching 'mocktail' from one part coconut water kefir, one part sparkling water, with a squeeze of lemon and fresh mint to help relax the digestive system. She also added and a touch of stevia, a natural sweetener.

Another idea is to make ice cubes or popsicles out of an electrolyte replacer that contains a host of minerals that keep us even. Koff likes "Ultima Replenisher" brand because it is sugar-free.

"I won't just supplement potassium alone. I'll look at all the minerals so we get the right balance in the body," Koff said.

If you're thirsty for ideas, stock up on a variety of teas, flavored or sparkling water, lemon and fresh herbs to can keep your family healthy and hydrated.

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