Bear spotted in backyard in San Dimas

SAN DIMAS, Calif. An ABC7 viewer managed to snap a shot of the bear as it walked beside a pool in a backyard near San Dimas Canyon and Terre Bonne.

The bear put on quite a show and gave residents a scare while scaling fences, walking along walls and running in and out of people's back yards.

It all started in a redwood tree in San Dimas, where the bear had been sleeping all afternoon. However, at about 5 p.m., the bear decided to come down. The Department of Fish and Game shot the bear with rubber pellets when it went into the backyard of a home.

However, instead of heading back into the woods, the bear headed into a yard between two homes, by a pool and ran across Terra Bonne Avenue.

The bear was said to be relatively small, about 250 pounds and about 3 or 4 years old. If it stood straight up, it would be over 4 feet tall.

Officials say they didn't know what the bear was going to do as it ran through the residential area. It didn't seem to have a plan of escape. Fish and Game says the bear did appear to be familiar with the area.

The last Eyewitness News cameras caught of the bear was when it ran into a storm drain, but officials say it is back home in the woods.

"All of a sudden my wife came down and she was doing something in the kitchen ... And I looked out there and all of a sudden there was this big bear in the backyard," said Charles Gale, a San Dimas resident. "He was in my yard because I got a picture. It was interesting to see wildlife that close."

Officials say bears like the one that ran through San Dimas Wednesday are not necessarily dangerous. They say the bear probably got more of a scare than the people watching it.

Fish and Game is reminding residents not to leave food and trash out, which likely caused the bear to come down into the neighborhood.

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