Program helps shed stubborn fat zones

LOS ANGELES "After high school after college, I got a little soft and I wanted to get it back," says Tiffany Vinchattle.

"Well, like most women i do not like the muffin top on my thighs," says Anne Marie Mignini.

"I was working on the machines, but I don't think I was doing enough cardio and I just wasn't losing the weight and re-shaping my body like I wanted to," says Mignini.

Cardio is notorious for burning calories and excess fat, if you do it right. However, that doesn't mean it's going to tone up those soft spots that most of us are unhappy about.

You know what that means? Strength training has to be part of the equation.

Familiar with the female challenge, fitness pro Michael Carson came up with a program that combines cardio and strength together called Get Sexy. This program features non-stop, low level cardio with interval spurts of higher intensity cardio moves.

He incorporates a small weighted ball or a two-pound weight, even a soup can if you don't have either.

"I like to sustain the heart rate to about a 115 to 120 level the whole workout with bursts with activity that bring it up to 150, 155, 160 so you're always keeping it at a level that you're burning fat," explains Carson.

It's not spot reducing, but rather seven main moves to zone in on hips, thighs, abdominals and the upper body, all while working the core or mid-line area.

"If you really push from your hips and work from your core and your drive rotation through your body, you're using everything that trims you down and slims you down," says Carson.

"One of the things that helped a lot was the nutrition, as well as working out," says Vinchattle.

Diet is first and foremost, and Carson like many health professionals, is a fan of lean protein, lots of produce and minimal intake of starch and sugar.

"When you start a program, if you want to see some real changes, you have to deny yourself these things initially," says Carson.

Each woman lost about ten pounds as well as inches off their fat zones, exactly where they wanted to.

Women don't want to be men, we want to be sexy and sleek," says Vinchattle.

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